Beginners I.T.F. Taekwondo


Class Overview

Beginners Taekwondo Gold Coast International (I.T.F.) classes are for student from 8 years upward who have no or very little knowledge in (I.T.F.) Taekwondo. Often students from children’s martial arts (gold coast Advanced Kwondo Kids) and or novice adult and teen Taekwondo students will feel comfortable in beginners International (I.T.F.) Taekwondo classes. These classes are designed to develop the skills needed to defend yourself and to gain confidence in oneself. Power, coordination, mental toughness and the right attitude is taught in these classes allowing the student to be challenged to take on harder, more technical and advanced techniques.

In beginner Taekwondo classes all students are issued with a training manual for the practical and theory criteria, enabling the student to clearly understand grading requirements.

Taekwondo fundamentals, patterns (forms, kata) special techniques, power breaking, proven self defence, step sparring and free sparring are developed in beginners Taekwondo classes. Beginner Taekwondo students have the opportunity to grade up in belt level every three months. These gradings are held at Baekjul Taekwondo Headquarters in (Southport) Gold Coast, Queensland. (Baekjul Black Belt Academy).

Beginners Taekwondo students also have the advantage of training with the intermediate and advanced (I.T.F.) Taekwondo students in the mixed level classes which are run 2 days per week. National and international tournaments and seminars and camps are also available to the novice Taekwondo student and are run several times a year. There are no expectations of beginner students to compete as we all have unique goals. Although extra classes in free sparring, patterns and power breaking are scheduled for those students whom wish to compete in tournaments and embrace the competitive side of (I.T.F.).Taekwondo.

Class Details

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Tues / Thurs / Fri (5pm-6pm) Sat (10am-11am)

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