Gradings and Ranks

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Baekjul Black Belt Academy prepares children for I.T.F. Taekwon-do through our Junior Syllabus (received upon joining), containing both practical and theoretical elements. Students are eligible to grade every 3 months, with students over 7 years of age able to attempt double gradings (moving up 2 belts at a time).

Students may progress to the I.T.F. (International Taekwondo graded system) through 3 means, obtaining their Master Belt, reaching the age of 9 or by special invite from the Chief Instructor. Students who which to continue through to the adult program may choose to enter MMA classes, I.T.F. Taekwon-do classes or become a member of the black belt club by attempting to achieve their belt in both programs.

Belt Ceremony

After completing a grading, students must be on their best behavior, in the Dojang at home and in school for one week, before receiving their new rank. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit are key tenets of Taekwondo and we expect students to model these attributes in all areas of life. Students who are successful will receive a new belt, certificate and photo in front of their class.

Grading payments should be made to Reception at least one week prior to grading date. No grading form is required for Kwondo Kidz or Junior Taekwondo students.


International Taekwondo belts are standard throughout the International Taekwon-do Federation worldwide. Gradings can be attempted by students every three months, given a minimum of 24 classes within the training period has been met. Attendance is taken at the beginning of all classes for this reason.

All gradings have a practical and theoretical elements, with gradings over green belt having a short written test in addition to the practical.

Grading forms are required for all I.T.F. students. This form will be available in the above tab approaching grading dates.


Mixed Martial Arts is commonly taught in a piecemeal fashion and many academy’s teach MMA without belts. At Baekjul we feel that this type of training doesn’t set a clear path for students to achieve success.

Students in MMA follow a set syllabus, and have clearly defined goals in order to obtain each rank.

The below is the belt system MMA students will progress through in order to obtain a Black Belt.

Grading forms are required for all MMA students. This form will be available in the above tab approaching grading dates.

I.T.F. Taekwondo Grading Form


(Not applicable for Kwondo Kidz, Junior Taekwondo and MMA students)

Please print off and bring in this completed form and payments to the reception at least 1 week prior to your grading date.

tkd grading form

MMA Grading Form

(Not currently available)