Code of Conduct

Class Overview

Discipline, courtesy and respect are essential disciplines of Taekwon-do. If possible it is useful to familiarize yourself with Dojang protocol even before your first class!

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•All students must bow on entering or leaving the Dojang

•All instructions issued by an instructor or senior should be carried out without dispute and to the best of your ability at all times.

•Courtesy and respect toward all instructors and students at all times, inside and outside the Dojang.

•All students must answer clearly “yes sir” or “yes mamm” to the instructor at all times.

•If a student is late for class he or she must go to the front of the class and wait to be bowed in by the instructor.

•Permission to leave class must be obtained by the instructor at all times.

•Swearing and abusive language is not permitted in the Dojang at any time.

•Spectators are not permitted in class at any time unless given permission from the instructor.

•Students must not allow spectators or parents to distract them at any time during class.

•All senior ranked students are responsible for ensuring that all low ranked and new students follow the code.

•Students should never call the instructor by their first name whilst in dobok or dojang.

•Parents should encourage their children to follow these rules and set a proper example themselves.

•If a student is misbehaving they may be asked to sit out for a short period of time. They will be bowed back in when settled.

•The reception area and mats are a technology free zone for students. If students wish to play on IPads or other devices before class they may do so in the parents viewing room.

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Please read Baekjul's Code of Conduct
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